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Broke into the wrong GD rec room, didn't ya you b7!

TA, gotta agree with your assessment of Tremors. Though I wouldn't call it my #1 simply because that spot is reserved for Star Wars.

Lets see, I have so many... probably the smallest list is my car movies list.

NOTE that this list is ONLY car people movies. If you aren't a car person there's no guarantee you will even be able to watch these.
Cannonball(not Cannonball run) Great car chases, racing, and a finish that makes it fun. Inspired by Brock Yates's Sea to shining sea race. The first I believe.
Gone in 60 seconds(the original without all the CGI effects) has no plot, no real acting, but a 40 minute car chase. Yes, 40 minutes. the REAL Elanor got wrecked and would have been considered totaled about 30 minutes into the chase. But it actually kept going.
American Graffiti(nuff said)
Bullitt(great car chase)
Two Lane Blacktop(that one is a PURE car junkie's movie. Oh and the 55 is actually the same 55 as in American Graffiti).
Greased Lightning Story of the first African American Stock Car racer.
Heart like a Wheel. Okay, it's the only sorta kinda chick flick in my list. It's the true story of Shirley Muldowney the first woman to crack into top fuel racing.
Mad Max. Do I really need to mention why?
Moonrunners. The original Dukes of Hazard
Ronin. Lets face it, I gotta give the European cars some love for this one.
And you know I gotta give a bit of love to Death Race. The cars are actually going at pretty good speeds, and the stunts... real cars rather than miiature or CGI.
Oh and Deathproof. Because it made me g back and watch my old car movies.

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