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Question Favorite SW Character

Yeah I know the tired old subject of who's your favorite.

I just think it's interesting when I look at this subject now.

Many look at Star Wars and simply say it's all about the Jedi. Look at a lot of the games being produced for Star Wars. They mainly focus around the Jedi and their exploits. Especially since the Prequels came out and shifted that focal point hard on the Jedi.

Now that I work with kids a lot on my weekends I'm finding more and more that kids have never heard of Han Solo, but they love the Jedi. It's so contrary to how I enjoyed my cup of Star Wars tea before. I loved the non-Jedi actions of a roguish Han Solo. EU characters like Thrawn and Wedge. I'm not knocking people who came in from the Prequels, I just think it's interesting the different viewpoints held from before and after the Prequels came around.

So with all that said, who do you find is your favorite? What type of hero defines your Star Wars experience?

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