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((Nah, its fine. There are two Fighter Jets there, so one for each of us Thanks anyway))

"Saving an unarmed jet from two fighters appears to be a good place to start."

Erebus gave it some thought. "You do raise a good point.". He looked next to him, and saw the intimidating figure, soaring through the sky along side him. He was dressed like a Grim Reaper, bearing a Skull-like mask and a large Scythe. It didnt seem very unusual to Erebus, because he himself encountered many people with supernatural abilities.

"I am Vengeance. Vengeance is mine, I will repay." The Grimreaper spoke to him outloud. Erebus powered up full speed ahead. He grabbed the hilt of his Sword sheathed to his back, readying to pull it out..

He managed to get behind one of the Fighter jets, avoiding the powerful exhaust breathing a powerful torch flame. Erebus charged his Psionic Powers and focussed them in his hand. He flew directly above the jet and started the dog fight by throwing a splash of purple energy along the armor of the plane that caused a grooved dint.
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