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Originally Posted by Dr. Makaveli View Post
Well, I'm in agreement that this extremist violence was wrong, of course. But in the case of this guy... what the heck was he thinking? I know there's the whole thing about making a point, and testing freedom of speech. But depicting Muhummad as a dog? I find it hard to believe he didn't anticipate or court this reaction. There's making a point, and there's common sense.

In the larger sense of this argument, i think it's more a judgment on our sense of taste/humor/respect. There should be no banning, but must we really go here? I have yet to talk to a muslim friend or classmate that is not pissed about this. How is "pushing the boundaries" it worth it.

Chistian fundamentalists are equally as bad... they're just generally not violent. Like those people a while back 'protesting' at military funerals. It's all disgusting.

I'm not convinced all of these instances were designed to provoke, so the instigators could come back and say "look at these people, they don't like free speech!", plus the whole publicity factor.

Just trying to see things from the other perspective.
That's the thing though. The reaction is disproportionate. Christian fundies, Mormons and Scientologists have been made fun of and they haven't been violent in their response. What was their response? they quit watching the show. Or at the most boycotted the advertisers. Christian fundies have been violent to places like abortion clinics. But in their eyes the abortion clinics are legalized murder(not my view, just going by their wording).

I am not saying that the Muslims can't be ticked about it. Anger is justified. The threats of violence and calling for the heads of Matt and Trey are just over the top. How can their anger be taken seriously when they play into the hands of the creators.

And yes, it is a lack of respect on the part of South Park. But they actually show a lack of respect for a lot of other religions, and causes. The whole show is about making fun of somebody. Why should muslims be treated any differently than say the Japanese.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson
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