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Anthony looked up in the sky to see a plane in the sky being pursued by two fighter jets.

"That plane, someone in that plane must know something about this city here otherwise those fighter jets wouldn't be attacking it. Even if those people don't know anything they still need our help," he said powering up his jet boots.

He was about to take off when he looked back over at the other two.

"Can you fly Mantis?" he asked. "If not perhaps Candlelight could help you, in the meantime I'm going to match my helmet's frequency with the jet's."

He powered down his boots and being the tech wizard he was, he was able to accomplish his task in a matter of seconds.

"Attention crew members aboard this jet, this is Superhero Titan. We will be there shortly, just hang on."

Anthony then looked up and saw two other beings preparing to engage the fighter jets.

Well this just gets better and better

Elsewhere a powerful being has sensed the large amount of power gathering in the city.

" is almost time"
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