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Shade was almost thrown out of her seat against one of the wall as the Jet continued as her pilot continued to try and evade the fighters that were relentlessly trying to shoot them down.

"Attention crew members aboard this jet, this is Superhero Titan. We will be there shortly, just hang on."

Shade looked up as the odd voice echoed throughout the jet.

Another hero? What are the odds of running into one out here?

A large explosion ripped across one of the wings as one of the fighters scored a direct hit on the wing of the plane.

"Lady Shade! They've hit us!"

Time to go.

Shade ran forward and grabbed the pilot and then ran back into the main compartment of the plane where she usally stayed during flight. She took a quick look at the damaged wing before grabbing the pilot under the arms and then jumping out of the plane just as it was engulfed in a firey explosion.

She looked up at the wreckage of the plane that was falling around her to see two more costumed heroes engaging the fighter jets in combat.

I hope that they see us falling. I wasn't able to grab any parachuts and we seem to have quite a fall ahead of us.

Her thoughts were interupted by the sight of one of the fighter jets breaking off from combat with the figure who was fighting with it and then turning and heading toward her.

Thats not good.
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