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Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter View Post
sometimes the opinions of others have meanings beyond just the words contained within their statements fyi

because you're neither attempting to empathize nor understand the situations of those you're declaring unworthy of your sympathy. from your statements, i can gauge that you're clearly leading a privileged existence, and have no idea what it's like to be unable to cope with life, and be forced into drug use or crime out of necessity just to keep from killing yourself or living on the streets. as to continuing abuse? being unable to get out of that lifestyle because society, including your own family, has cast you aside and you have no one to help you might answer that question.

and whatever middle class habit you kicked, most likely with help from others, isn't comparable to every other addiction. furthermore, even if you're some tough cookie who dragged himself up by his bootstraps despite the odds, the same ****ing thing applies.

am i asking you to pity me if i get fined for smoking a spliff? no. am i asking you to not be so cold hearted towards, say, someone dealing with mental health problems who turns to drugs or crime in order to keep themselves afloat? most definitely.

Since nothing pisses me off more than someone refuting an argument in an attempt to get in the last word and then saying "anyways, this isn't the time or the place, let's drop it", I'm not going to be that guy. If you *really* want to know why I feel the way I do about drug use, PM me or something, I'll gladly explain my position and hopefully we'll both benefit from talking about it.

But yes, moving on.

Very good thing:

My sister came to me with her old, dying Toshiba laptop yesterday asking me to do whatever I could to fix it. She has absolutely run that thing into the ground. It seems like she installed half the internet on that thing, and it was bloated almost beyond use. Hell, she had a custom cursor. I mean...seriously? It wasn't the worst situation I've ever seen, but I expected more from.

The good part is she let me back everything up and give it a nice, clean reformat. It's so refreshing.

Another good thing:

Started a new hardgainer routine for ROTC training today. Hoping to put on more weight so I'm not a skinny goon. It kicked my ass the first day, and I'm loving it.

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