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"Yeah, that would work."

Katsu looked down at the ground which was rapidly approaching despite the parachute which was slowing his fall. He carefully looked down just in time to see a battle suit arrive in the vally.

We may have been spotted. Can't take any chances.

He quickly opened up comn channels to both Xavier and Zhao.

"I think we may have been spotted. There is a single battle suit in the vally below us. He hasn't made any moves yet but I belive it would be a good idea to silence him before he does anything."

Katsu grabbed his rifle from behind his back and took careful aim at the enemy battle suit through the scope and shot him directly through the head. He smirked as the battle suit toppled over on it's side and lay still.

"Threat neutralized." He reported calmly as his battle suit landed gently in the valley.
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