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Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
I agree. one question: is it legal for parents to buy a playboy for their kid?
I don't know. I'm not aware of any such law, but that doesn't mean that one doesn't exist. Also keep in mind that it might be considered a "states issue" which would mean that it could vary depending on which part of the country we're talking about.

Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
If not, then whats to stop a politician from later saying that parents can't buy M games for their kids?
I don't know. But such a law seems like it would be impossible to enforce.

I don't mind addressing tangents, but please keep in mind that we've strayed very far from the original topic.

Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
they will probably say a parent buying a M rated game is like a parent buying a playboy and beer for their kids. then it will be the government in charge of what parents can get for kids and not the parents.
Right. But this is all largely hypothetical as no one is suggesting that adults not be able to march into a store and buy whatever game they want for whatever purpose they choose. The gist of the legislation appears to be that children not have that same ability. So far as that goes, I agree with proponents. Just as much as I would agree with anyone that said that my 10 year old shouldn't be able to go into the store and blow his allowance on hookers and blow.
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