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No specifc era given: Pursuit of a murderer.

The piece is really too short to get a handle on. The action is moving too fast, with little direction as yet.

Walking Wounded

Post TSL: The two crews along with a few surprises join forces to find the two missing Jedi.

The piece is fun in that we find out about some of their lives in the process; Jolee has done yet another vanishing act, Mission and Dustil are married, the Exile has three brothers, two of whom are going along.

I wish that there were more.

One Breath
Allison E.L. Cleckler

TSL on Malachor V: The Exiles faces Sion.

The piece is well wrought, with a definite path it follows. The fight is drawn out, the pacing fitting the mood. The end is almost anticlimactic.

Pick of the Week

Different from the rest
Halo Lady

During the Clone Wars: This trooper is different from the rest.

An interesting premise. The character feels left out, not surprising. Stowing away would have made sense if the difference could have been hidden that readily. Having others in the squad ignore the character wouldn’t work very well for long. A combat team has to work together. My problem with it was how clueless are these guys?

Pick of the week

Hell to Pay
The Karlminion

TSL at the beginning: T3 works to save the ship

Except for the demanding voice telling it what to do, this is a generic retelling of the introduction to the game. You leaned too heavily into the game itself, turning the mission into a scavenger hunt of ‘open box, get goodies’ which in the game is all right, but as a literary work is not.

Star Wars, KOTOR: Jedi Scriptures
Dante Cross

Post TSL: A pair of young thieves decide to raid an old Jedi enclave…

The piece is confusing, there is no character development, and everything is moving too fast. You go from being shot at by bounty hunters to being shot at by droids with very little pause, with no rhyme nor reason for it.


Knights of the Old Republic III: Force of Echos

Originally reviewed 12-30-05 That review is below:

Revan is getting together a few good people...
The style is well done, the story easy and fun to read. The readers on Kotorfanmedia gave it twelve thumbs up. It deserved them.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Star Wars KoTOR: Behind the Game

KOTOR Behind the Scenes: You don’t think the game just got made, did you?

I don’t know what I expected from the title, but what I got was a riot! HK as a flaming queen, Bastila having a photo shoot done by Maxim, Some of the worst bad guys being either flirtatious or busy with of all thing, lighting, camera, and catering. It was as if the author had merely turned the scene around so we’re seeing the entire crew with their hair down (Or in Saul’s case, showing off his new ‘Hair club for men’ do). I especially loved Revan’s complaint about Malak because she really wants to be part of the sequel.

Pick of the Week

The General Clue

Post KOTOR: One clue gives Carth a reason to find Revan.

The only real negative I have is that is is a womp rat, not a wompa.

The piece is dark and foreboding, the clue minor, but Carth at this point is feeling like a fool for staying when Revan left. The messenger has his own agenda, and you can understand his disquiet at Carth’s reaction.

KOTOR: Defiance

Pre KOTOR: Just like any two kids…

The story is well written, and gives you two squabbling kids in a nut shell. The fight they do have is minor, and really what you expect of them from later in life, and the scene where she subtly helps him excellent.

Pick of the Week

Foretelling of a Wet Wedding

Originally reviewed 02 03 06 that review is below;

Set a year after KOTOR. A reunion with a few extra twists...

Charys starts you off thinking it’s just a simple assassination. Before you know it you’re dragged along as the entire crew gets behind Carth’s attempt give Revan not only a bracelet, but also some quality time together. Ambushing the reporters was a nice touch.

Reprise Pick of the Week

The Language of Love

Originaly reviewed 15 December, 2006, That review is below;

Set approximately a year after the Star Forge: Some in depth look at Telosian society, Revan’s reaction to it, and what really happened.

The work is well done, the in depth look at the character is sublime, and the end a definite giggle. 24 readers gave it a thumbs up, and I understand why

Reprise Pick of the Week

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