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Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak View Post
How is this anything like EVE Online? Having played EVE for a long time, I find Inifnity looks and sounds like it'll be much more entertaining than EVE was. Combat in EVE is incredibly boring, and flying around is no fun at all. Plus, EVE doesn't let you fly on planets.

At one point in the video, the guy was clicking on random stars on the screen, and information would popup showing the star's name and distance. According to the devs, every one of those stars are there, and players can visit them.

It's also been mentioned that there may be a single player "sandbox" version of the game released.

The game is still Pre-Alpha, so I'm definitely giving Inifinty a chance.
EVE was Not relaxation. If this goes the way you think (dare I say Freelancer?) I'm heavily interested. Freelancer combined lore with excellent gaming mechanics.
The design of the player ship in the video...somewhat WW2-ish. I like it.
Might add it to my list next to Guild Wars 2 and Swtor.

Thanks for the info!

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