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Originally Posted by storm-rider View Post
i really want to check this out, but the download link doesnt work, i've tried them both and it says that its been removed, is there anyway i can download this that works? im using firefox.
if i install this can i still play tsl?
Yes you can still play the sith lords if you install this... kind of. Go to the Lucas Arts folder and copy the swkotor2 folder where tsl is installed. I would rename the copy to SWKotOR The Jedi Masters if I was you so you don't get confused.

After that download the game installers and install them to the COPY not the original. Then its done and done. Make a new shortcut on your desktop to the laucher from the jedi masters folder for the new game and you have both playable. Its what I did.

You do, by the way, have to have a clean install of the sith lords with no save games or anything to install this and have it work as I'm to understand.

Hope this helps,
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