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I know I'm dragging up this thread once more after it's been dormant for a year but I had a few things I'd like to add. After reading the whole thing, I would like to make a few brief comments on it.

1. Alot of Jedi escaped the holocaust on Katarr so I don't see why Bastila needs an elaborate story as to why she wasn't there. I can't seem to find my source at the moment, I beleive it can be unearthed in wookiepedia, but only about 60% of the order was lost at Katarr, leaving the remaining 40% to be hunted down and assassinated by Nihlus and Sion.

2. If you want to say it was a coincidence that Bastila evaded the assassins as long as she did, keep in mind she was in the ending scene of TSL speaking with Carth about helping keep the Republic safe. She likely spent her exile working with Carth on the new Sith menance, waiting for Revan's return and thus benefited from the protection of the Republic military.

3. I personally believe that the new Shan character is indeed a direct descendant of Bastila and possibly Revan. I believe this for no other good reason than it makes good sense from a story point of view. Bastila is a character we all like and can relate to and drawing a link between the storyline of Kotor and the new MMO would be smart.

4. I have personally felt that the Lost Jedi included Bastila as well as the disciples of the Exile and perhaps even a redeemed Atris. I had always assumed that if this were true Bastila would most likely become the first head of the newly reformed Jedi Council. Mostly because she would be the most qualified and accomplished Jedi who had survived the Great Purge.

5. I don't think having a child with Revan would disqualify Bastila from serving in the order. It is not a crime for a Jedi to have a child, only attachments are forbidden. If she chose to raise the child then I seriously doubt she would be able to continue within the order. But nothing says she couldn't give the child to a loving home, and with Revan now gone, she could very well have freed herself from any dangerous attachments.

Just a few thoughts on a year old thread...

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