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“Nice light show.” Meta said to himself as he observed a few of the people who had been gathering literally fly up and take out the two jets with little to no problem whatsoever. He in fact did not find some inconspicuous valley as he had originally suggested, but instead walked over to the spot where the heroes landed after their little skirmish. Meta was now taking an interest in them and making quick observations about them as they went about the business of introductions and interrogation. If you could call it that. No real threats, just the typical 'tell me what I want to know or die' trick that proved effective only against cowards or civilians. Fanatics were the tough cookies, but they could be broken if worked on long enough and with a little imagination.

“Now if you don't mind, just telling us who you people are and what the hell is going on in this city?” said the man in black leather who had just flown down to them.

“If any of them knew that, they'd probably already be dealing with the problem.” Meta replied, and then added with sarcasm toward the other heroes “To be fair though, great job with the interrogation. I bet it really took all of your creative juices to come up with the 'you'll end up in pieces' line. I personally would have asked about what was going on with the stupefied population.”
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