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how about if AL dont keep using gernades or wrist rockets when they dont do anything on players cause u can esaully dodge them. for the snipers and very good troopers in swbf2 they kept being weak and using pistol. the al in space battles are retarted they just sit there. while the other team is moving. fire on mygeto should kill you like jangos fire. everything should be able to get destroyed. bullets should bounce off buildings. buildings have to destruct like walls. u punch it it go thru. you should be able to send fleets on planets and back to space. gunships should land troops go back to space and get more troops. rolling should do .9 damage cause sometimes it hurts when you do it in real life. the death star should actually destroy planets (campegan). maul should be weaker cause he pwns. more maps. better graphics. should have ALL battles from the movies. hoth has to just have 2 things. 1 sheild gen. w/ hanger ATATs ATSTs and a wampa. follow the story. this message is long.

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