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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
"It had to be done, so I did'.
I think this is exactly what this pilot would say.

I'd say that esp given the man's rank and knowledge about the effects of a GBU38, it wasn't heroics on display, but prudence.
I don't discern between the two. If we're taking Avery's approach...he was putting a lot on the line (his reputation, possibly rank, and most importantly the lives of others). I highly doubt anyone would question his integrity if he had dropped the bomb and ended up destroying the school because he accomplished the mission by killing or diverting the insurgents thus saving the ground troops. I think in this sense, he is most definitely a "hero." He not only accomplished his mission by helping the troops, but he also ensured the safety of school/students/teachers.

I do think that you have to gamble to be a hero because there's no going back after you make the decision to risk it all...and I think that this pilot did risk everything but his own life (which isn't always a necessary quality in my mind).

I mean...I consider most people in the military "heroes" just because of what they stand for, but that's me.

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