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Exclamation Need some new podcast suggestions!

You lot got me into podcasts to begin with. Now I host Lucastcast every other week.

Anyways, I like to listen to podcasts everyday in my car during my commute to work. Sometimes if it is really slow, I listen to them at work, and always listen to them while I am closing up the shop.

Here is what I currently listen too:

Giant Bombcast (my current favorite)


Rebel FM


The Hotspot

Gamers With Jobs Conference Call


Destructoid Podtoid

Bitmob Mobcast

Penny Arcade Podcast



Thats about it for me.

Let's face it, the likes of Penny Arcade has not put out anything new since march of last year. Mixmojo put has not put out anything since March of this year. Destructoid put out the last podcast during the end of April. I need some fresh material guys.

I need something funny that is out on a regular basis. Preferably geeky stuff like video games, movies and music...maybe TV...whatever.

I am going through these podcasts way too fast, and I need to expand my library. Any suggestions would be hot...please post links so I can subscribe!

Thanks in advance,

Darth Groovy
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