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they probaly are going to make a sequal concidering the company have been mikling the jedi and sith story

one reason why this isnt a good idea is the limatations it has interms of exploring the universe its based in, the idea of a game that puts the player in the view point of the soliders that actully fought in the sega allowing the designers to go down a much more intresting and creative path.

the stroy line isnt really an issue as they could just clain that there was a second commando team as they are clones which by defition are expendable. Also the clones where trained by the thousands so it wouldnt really be likely that they designed a addtional training program for only one squad of commandos also after they relised the success of the squad in the first games they would carring on recruting clones or merely just growing new ones.

Lucas art are also are huge company who have branched out from the orignal films, their main goal is to make as much money as possible and as a result of the sucess of the first one they will shorely relise the profit would out way the cost of production.Also shorely success of the first two battlefront games would show the fans are intrested in seeing a the sega in the from another prospective.
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