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Ashtin's eyes looked into Jezebel's for a while, his crimson eyes making a connection to her yellow eyes before he turned his attention towards Krios. Tilting his head side to side he heard several pops in his neck. So far the situation is staying calm, but there was no telling for how long. All his tricks and decoys he set up along the way would only stall the Supernatural Society for so long. But his mind Krios had something in mind for Ashtin to do, which was interesting to him. He certainly hopped it wasn't a meaningless task of watching Mr. Black any further that might possibly drive Ashtin to kill the man.

Slowly Ashtin tilted his head back and smelled the air around them slowly. So far no signs of his former comrades. The idiotic buffoons that they were. There was on in particular he would enjoy getting to fight if the chase ever arose. But he would be patient for that moment, for that day to come.

Crossing his arms over his chest he lowered his head and looked back at Krios and spoke "And what would this particular task be?"


Rusu sat in the chair with the index finger of his right hand slowly moving in a circle upon the arm rest. The arm rest of the chair was smooth wood a nice cherry finish. It seemed like there was something important happening if Mr. Baldur was there informing Manson about the situation. Once the vampire had left the room Rusu raised his head to look at Manson and noticed how much the talk with Baldur upset him. With a small sigh escaping his lips he came to the conclusion that asking the questions about Moxie's linage would have to be put on hold for a moment.

"Is there something I can help you with? It seems like you have a lot happening." Rusu said to Manson his eyes looking into his friends.

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