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In similarity: Giant Bomb, CAG Cast, GWJ, and Destructoid.
The other two that I listen to are The Player One Podcast and Drunken Gamers Radio.

The Player One Podcast is a pretty mellow and admittedly lower energy four-man podcast one with a lot of talk of a few select games and industry events and politics.

Drunken Gamers Radio podcast may either be the funniest and dirtiest gaming podcast you've ever heard, or it may be the most annoying (depending on your tastes). It also has some very impressive production values with great editing, structure, musical cues, and audio quality. They host live shows all the time with multiple cameras. They have finished building a studio to record the show in. They have a blog that is constantly updated.

In the show, they have the Random Retro Review, where they review 10-30 year old games in 5 or 6 minutes. They have a Drunk Dial section, where they listen to often humorous and sometimes incomprehensible calls from listeners while drunk (about video games, don't worry). They have also released album-length musicals... seriously. Watch a live performance here about zombies [Link].

But lately, their contests have been the most amazing things around. Here are three examples that are pretty great.
Mass Effect "Create an alien to have sex with" contest
Create Your Own Japanese Video Game Character
Dirty Letters to Santa 2008

It's all very crude humor. Hah.

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