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Weekend Confirmed - My current favorite. Hosted by Garnett Lee (previously of 1up), Jeff Cannata (of the Totally Rad Show), and Brian Leahy (of Shacknews), and they sometimes have an additional guest. It just has excellent discussion and great segments.

A Life Well Wasted - This one does not update regularly at all, but the episodes are so well produced and you can definitely go back and listen to the past episodes (there are < 10) because they don't have to do with current gaming events. Hosted by Robert Ashley (previously of 1up), he picks a topic for the episode and then interviews different people about that topic.

Irrational Behavior - Irrational Games' official podcast, hosted by Shawn Elliot (previously of GFW Radio), it has sort of a similar format to ALWW, where there will be an episode topic, and various people at Irrational (including Ken Levine (if you don't know him, you're dead to me)) will talk about it.

The Totally Rad Show [video] - Many of you have probably heard of this but it is 3 dudes talking about the latest in all things rad (movies & games). They have great chemistry and are very funny.

The best for last:

Idle Thumbs - They are currently not on a regular schedule, but hopefully will return to releasing an episode every 2-3 weeks. Hands down the best podcast I have ever listened to, I guarantee there is not a better gaming show out there. They originally went to 50 episodes doing it weekly, but then one of the members changed jobs and moved, so a recurring guest replaced him and they started back at 1, but don't have a regular schedule. But you can definitely go back and listen to past episodes, as they are all hilarious and great listens. Currently it features Chris Remo of Gamasutra, Jake Rodkin of Telltale (and admin here), and Steve Gaynor of 2K Marin. Actually, before you start listening to the newer episodes, I would recommend you just start at episode 1 (from 2008 not 2010 since there are 2 "episode 1"'s) because there are so many hilarious in-jokes that would be lost on you if you just started now. You are doing yourself a disservice by not listening to this.

I also listen to Giant Bomb and Gamers with Jobs, but they have already been mentioned so I thought I'd skip over them.

I would recommend these in the order of Idle Thumbs, Weekend Confirmed, then Giant Bomb. I said Weekend Confirmed is my current fav because Thumbs hasn't put out an episode in like a month.

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