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Originally Posted by The Tingler View Post
I love how Americans consider themselves separate from 'the rest of the world', even if its subconscious. They're not making the US pay for the games, they're making everyone not in the UK pay for the games.

I'm not in the UK or the US and I will have to wait until July and pay for them too if I want them, so stop acting like the BBC's specifically snubbing your country.
I didn't mean it that way, and Audubuh certainly didn't. I just said that I was afraid they'd make the US pay for the games because Audubuh's post said he was American and so am I. I mentioned that everyone outside of the UK would have to pay for the games in my post on my blog, and that was long before your forum post.

Originally Posted by s-island View Post
It's logical that you have to pay for them since you didn't contribute to the making through the TV licence.
I never thought of that. I can see the reasoning behind it, but like The Tingler said, it would have been nice if they'd have mentioned it before now.

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