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I just completed it. I enjoyed it, but there was one thing that kept it from being as good as it could be. They repeated puzzles too many times. Especially the maze puzzle. It was an OK puzzle the first time, but not great. I enjoyed the wire puzzle and the pattern puzzle since they seemed like something the Doctor would actually do. But the maze puzzles seemed a little weird, since I couldn't imagine the Doctor pushing little circuits through electrified mazes.

If it would have only been done once, I would have let it slide and just chalk my dislike of the puzzle up to fangirl nitpicking. However, they put in three pattern puzzles (but it actually made sense why there would be three of those in the storyline). Then they put in three of the maze puzzles, which were the weakest puzzles.

The rest of it was great though. The storyline was really good, the voice-acting was good, and the music and sound-effects were good. I was surprised that the stealth gameplay actually fits in an adventure game so well. Maybe the suggestion on the Telltale forums that they make a Firefly game would actually work if they made it like this.

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