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"Ha Bald-guy, why didn't I think of that. Ah so you're Baldur's new trainee. I was fortunate enough to save Moxie from him, but I think he'd rip my head off if I took another student from him--

"I will pretend I didnt here that, Mr. Darius." Baldur appeared right behind him, patting him on the back as he made his entrance. He stared over at Sonya. "A very inaccurate depiction of my own name; considering that though I have lived for over 300 years, I clearly have had no signs of any scalp problems during my lifetime."

He walked over to the helicopter, where the pilot was readying the engine for take-off. Saves from having to use an armored van, if time was to be a major factor in this opperation. "I think I am looking forward to meeing this gang leader." he smirked, and he opened the sliding panel door and motioned everyone to hop in and take a seat.
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