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Dragon Age: Bargaining with Sten!

Set in Dragon Age: Doing laundry after the battle

The piece is, as she said, short. The end was actually more fun then the rest, because the admonition to ‘wash it twice’ suggests something other than sweat. I did like the dog’s name, because I’ve heard two year olds trying to name something.


Coming of Age: Malak

Pre KOTOR: Malak has a vision he refuses to allow.

The piece is interesting in a number of ways as others have commented. First having Malak and Revan be siblings is different, explaining the tattoos well done, and the vision chilling.

Pick of the Week

New Ties

Post TSL aboard The Ebon Hawk: Are there really rules?

The piece is light and fun. Jolee merely slapping down the idea that there were actual codified rules. That they pretty much muddled along than actually trying for hard and fast rules makes more sense than setting tight rules. As Jolee points out. Making it forbidden would actually make it more desirable.

My question is, who is Mira setting her sights on?

Pick of the Week

Every Hour On the Hour

Originally reviewed 3 Feb, 2006. Initial Review is below

Set in KOTOR. HK’s daily routine with some amusing twists.

65 readers on this site gave it a thumbs up, 41 thought it was worth commenting on, and after reading it I can understand why. HK is himself, and the exchanges between him and the other members of the crew were hilarious. But not half as funny as his own internal dialogue. His equating snoring (Observation: Human male Jedi is producing a rasping, grating nasal emission similar to that of the human female Jedi.) with Force powers caused me to snicker. It wasn’t the first either.
If I didn’t have to worry about him slaughtering anything and everything, I would love to have him around just for the entertainment value alone.

Reprise Pick of the Week

The Facts of Life

Pre KOTOR in the Sith Academy: Even with the death of a Dark Lord, things go on.

The piece is well done, the animosity all so low key, yet just as acrimonious as they would be. We’re looking not at the Jedi, but the Sith yet the kids are the same, just tweaked by their philosophy. Giving Dustil’s lost love a family is just icing on this cake.

Pick of the Week

A Discussion
Envoy Cools

Originally reviewed 3 Feb, 2006. Initial Review is below

A dueling challenge response set three years after the end of KOTOR.

There is a feeling of letting go as the two characters (Revan and Dustil) talk about allowing their animosity to flow away. The piece is short, but very well done.

Reprise Pick of the Week

It's All Fun and Games

Pre Mandalorian Wars at the Academy: Like any game, it can go too far.

The piece is fun, with Jedi kids acting like kids, and the adults, well, in one case being himself, the other being as much as kid as the one he speaks with. The age old admonition about putting someone’s eye out was just too much.

The Troublesome Student

Pre Mandalorian Wars at the Jedi Academies: From troublesome to delightful.

The story flows well, the relationship growing in a logical manner from teacher to student to finally lovers. Atris, who is the focus goes through what you might expect; the original irritation, to caring about the boy, to being unwilling to let her feelings flow. The end is sublime, and his statement that they are no longer teacher and student, merely allows her to let go. This is in two parts, and I didn’t even think of time as Iwent from one to the other.

Pick of the Week

Like Wolves

Originally reviewed 10 Feb 2006 at kotorfanmedia, that review is below:

Set six years after KOTOR: The exile tracks down Revan to gain revenge.

Back in January I reviewed Phoq’s Wounds of the Past. At that time I commented on a stilted style, and that it would improve.
I am happy to see that I was correct. Like Wolves flows gently like butter, smooth and delightful. 17 readers on the site gave it a thumbs up.
Add mine.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Lost Brother

Clone Wars during ROTS: A Strike team joins Obi Wan and Anakin in the rescue of Palpatine

The biggest problems I had were with the flow and the jumping of scenes from Kashyyk to Coruscant. The flow problem is because you forgot conversation breaks. Picture a stream flowing over rocks, then throw a lot of rocks into it suddenly. The flow is the story moving from beginning to end, and the rocks are when the reader, who is floating along with your story being pummeled by confusion as to who is talking and what it is about. A story should flow naturally and carry the reader along.

As much as they do it in the movies, travel from planet to planet is not going to be that fast.

The Knight and the Princess
Kaiju Moth

About 7 years after KOTOR: Revan tells his son a bedtime story based on truth

The piece has Bastila and Revan settled down into marital bliss, and him using the tale we all know as a backdrop for the story of how they got together. More slice of life than anything else.

Kotor: Beginnings

Pre Mandalorian Wars: Just two typical kids

I only had time for the first chapter, but the flow moved like a river with little or no disruption to the end, and I wished i could read on. The unlikely pair of Revan and Bastila sniping at each other as teenaged children, and flirting as they did so was a lot of fun.

Make it better? Polish it a bit, like Bastila’s boots.

Pick of the Week

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