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Prime Defense[PD]|All Styles Guild|Active and Dedicated Community

|Prime Defense|

Prime defense was created in august 2009,by Owepta Cloudlighter and Ryubusa Aren, former council members of the royal echani. originally, the guild was created as a safe haven for those members of the royal echani (which had fallen due to various internal reasons), who had no place left to go. but, as time went on it became much more then just a safe haven. it became a community. fast approaching is the eve of our guild's relaunch as we switch from our original website hosted by, and we begin to serve the republic from our own domain, .we want you, the loyal members of the republic to be a part of it, and here’s how: for starters, if you still remain guildless and want a place to kick back after kicking some sith assm then look no further! we are openly recruiting all kinds of members of the republic from the most honorable trooper, to the rowdiest smuggler around. at prime defense, we believe in "quality before quantity"-a view not shared by many other republic guilds. by this, we mean that was strongly each and every member as an individual,rather then focusing on becoming a large "army" with countless unknown faces. become a member of prime defense, and gain the greatest friends you'll ever meet; we live together, fight together, and die together.

- Extremely active forums community
- No drama policy
- Tons of friendly members
- Great Leadership
- Hall of Fame(Member Achievements)
- Strong Council
- Insanely active chat
- Class specific RP specializations
- Organized military system, fit with ranks and divisions
- Beautiful Website specifically designed for the guild
- Awesome Guild Events
- Many other games played on xbox live/ps3/pc with smaller groups
- Site theme selector, customize the look of the site at your fingertips
- Overall a 100% quality guild experience.

Guild Details
Affiliation: Galactic Republic
Type: All styles, PVP/PVE/MediumRP
Area: International
Server: PVP
Leaders: Ryubusa Aren, Owepta Cloudlighter, Maximillion Apollia
Recruiting: All Classes

Unique Aspects

Member Specializations
Prime Defense features an RP specialization system. Each class has a hefty listing of specializations to select from. Specs affect your status in forum based stories, where you are positioned in the military and of course your spec displayed below your name on the active members list.

Jedi Specs: Here
Trooper Specs: Here
Smuggler Specs: Here

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame is a member achievement system. It contains a bulky list of obtainable awards, once you acquire an award your name is placed up on the list underneath the award earned. The awards range from rankings, comical ability, writing skill, forum post counts, activity and other “just for fun” awards.

Beautiful Guild Website
Prime Defense boasts a unique, organized and entirely guild based website. We do not host on any guild hosting websites, or any of those easy to use two step editors. We have our own domain, and our very own custom website made by Ryubusa Aren, one of the guild leaders. Containing high resolution graphics and an easy to use interface, not to mention a great theme selector for the website, which gives you the ability to change the look of the entire website at the click of a button.

Quality guild experience and dedicated community
Prime defense will be one of the tightest knit groups you will meet. We are not a guild of faceless individuals who stop by occasionally, only planning to actually do something on release. We are hard at work of becoming a true community, a group of members each respected for their individuality, and position. Prime Defense will be one of the most active guilds you come across, whether you are on our chatbox, or making a post on our forum, there is always a tremendous amount of great people waiting to meet you.

Join Prime Defense
To join Prime Defense please fill out an application here: Join
Chat: Click Here
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