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Akira was about to answer when a patient named Nora came into the kitchen. She had just finished rinsing the last glass and had put it in the drainer when Nora began talking about T-day and orange and red.

She didn't mind sticking catheters into people but when it came to someone alzied, her heart went out to them. For some reason she didn't see them as crazy nor pathetic. They usually did have something worthwhile to say though it was often of things that were not pertinent to the here and now. She listened and when Nora said not to go into the army, she replied softly, "Not on my watch."

One of the nurses came in and said, "Well, if she did, don't listen to her. Crazy Alzheimer's patients don't have anything worthwhile to say." She shook her head. "Sad, pathetic folks."

"As if," Akira replied in contradiction. It sounded more like a muttering under her breath when she said it though. She looked at Atrast and saw that what Nora had said made some sort of impact on her. She put her arm around her shoulders and said, "Hey, You awake? If you are, let's go have pizza with Caboose and Dream. We can talk about it then. No use trying when we are surrounded by Nurse Rachett."

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