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Tavaryn had followed the boy following a hunch. In the end, it proved right for teh boy Haruka had been amubushed at his ship and taken hostage. Tavaryn knew he had to act quickly and jumped own to ground level. He stumbled across the boy's droid which had been disabled. Feeling pity for it, he quickly did some rapid repairs to get it operational and beckoned it to follow him.

Haruka was annoyed mostly with himself. He had allowed himself to be captured by an enemy. That they had ambushed him figured little into his reasoning. He was also pissed that they had damaged Two-y by hitting with a shot and kicking it out of sight. He glared at his captors as they tried getting a signal to their employer. He then felt a slight burning and wriggled his fingers. They touched metal and he realized that it was Two-y cutting through the ropes.

The enemy never saw it coming as Tavaryn jumped down on the pair and began beating them up with his fists. One was dispatched easily enough and, once Haruka was free, was tied up. The leader apparent was a huge fellow and came at Tavaryn weilding a vibroaxe. Even in the dark rain, Tavaryn could see that it was a Togorian. The only Togorians he had heard of were the ones his mother had fought when she was just a girl and accompanying a Jedi Master to Bandomeer along with his father. This guy was looking for blood but they needed to find out information from him.

Tavaryn assumed an attack position holding his fists up. The Togorian thought it was amusing that a puny human was going to try and fight him without a weapon. It was going to be an easy fight as he lunged at his opponent. Tavaryn was ready though and with a spring in his muscles, he sidestepped the Togorian and landed a quick and hard three punch combination.

The Togorian was clearly affected but he was also the more angry. He tried again and Tavaryn repeated his move. At the end, he said, "You place too much stock in your power. You are slow."

The Togorian roared and gave a running charged. Tavaryn stepped back and did an arm motion to gather power. When the Togorian collided with him, Tavaryn blocked the striked and forced his power into three strikes that ended in a punch that sent the Togorian flying back, scattering a pile of crates and sliding him in front of Alriana's view. Tavaryn was walking forward. He knew that Alriana would defend herself if the Togorian tried an attack on her. He also knew that she would disable him so they could get the information they needed.

The Togorian had that in mind when he saw Alriana. He noticed that she was wearing the robes of a Jedi but that didn't stop him. In fact, she looked more like a scared padawan than anything. Staggering to his feet he readied his vibroaxe and took a swing at the Jedi.

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