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Changes to Javyars- PLEASE VOTE

I've been noticing that interest in Javyars has waned much in the past year. Entries have become few and far between and the last one had no entires at all. Therefore as moderator, I am going to make some changes. This will also be a poll to determine if the idea is a good one or a bad one.

Instead of monthly challenges, Javyars will be a quarterly challenge. There will be a period of three months to submit your entries and then a week for voting. The dates are as followed for submissions:

Jan 1-March 25
April 1- June 24
July1- Sept 24
Oct 1- Dec 25

And a week at the end of each submission time. The same rules apply for the submission of entries. It can't be a work previously submitted of from a WIP. However I am going to open up the competition to art entries as well. All submissions for art are the same as fics and must bear some relation to the theme of the competition.

Please vote on whether you like this proposed system or if you want to keep the old one.

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