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Darius shivered a little as Baldur appeared right behind him. He hated when vampires did that sort of thing but at the same time was jealous of them. The day he could learn to do that and this vampire hunting job of his would be a whole new ball game. He turned his head at the sound of the helicopter and jumped for joy. Finally he was going to get to see some action. He made his way to the helicopter and chuckled at Sonya's remark.

"I think I am looking forward to meeting this gang leader."

"You and I both Baldur," Darius replied. He did a quick headcount and found a few people missing. "Hold up where's Mox and Ashtin, especially him? I would have figured he'd be the first one here." Darius asked everyone.


Krios smiled as Ashtin quickly executed Black. He saw the smile on Ashtin's face and could see the killer instinct in his eyes. He turned to his sister and could see she was just as easily pleased.

"Very good Ashtin, very good indeed. Not only did you follow my request without hesitation or remorse but you even found a way to enjoy such a thing. I welcome you to our gang and see a great future for you here. If you thought killing Black was fun you haven't seen anything yet." Her paused for a few seconds. "Now I'm sure you have questions but now isn't the time. We don't have a bike for you yet but you'll get one. In the mean time you'll have to ride with one of us, I'll let you decide." Krios said smiling at him. With that he began to walk out of the warehouse.
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