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"Sure, that's the best idea I've heard all day", Dream said as she went over to the door. "Let's go back before any of the big dogs here chew us up".

"I'll be right there," Caboose said to her as he continued to lean on the railing.

Caboose just stared at the sun for an extra minute before he made his way to the door. He wanted to end this moment in a good way just in case something awful was waiting for him on the inside. He opened the door and walked in to see that the a large group had gathered. He even heard some old woman speak about something called T-Day. He just stood there confused by what exactly the old woman had met. He suddenly snapped out of it when he saw Dee and Jihye.

"Oh hey there Dee...and sorry Jihye I uh had something else on my mind but don't worry I'll actually help tomorrow. We're gonna go get some pizza and you two should join us, I'll pay for you Jihye since I let you down today," Caboose said being friendly as possible.
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