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Zhao watched as Katsu dispatched an enemy mech. He was as impressed as Xavier, seeing how accurate Katsu was.

"Two more battle suits, hidden by trees at the edge of the valley. It doesn't look like they've seen us yet. I'll let you two take care of those two."

"Oh, don't worry, we'll take care of them easily," Zhao said, glad to be able to to start combat a little bit early. "Try not to miss, Psycho," Zhao joked to Xavier. Zhao aimed his assault rifle at one of the enemy mechs, switched the weapon to three-round burst, and shot. Zhao then saw sparks fly as the bullets hit the enemy mech, and then swapped to fully automatic, shooting an excessive amount of bullets into the mech, even after it had collapsed on the ground, causing part of the internal circuits of the machine to show through.

"Enemy terminated," Zhao said in a deadpan tone.

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