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“What, you haven't even taken me out to dinner and you're already questioning whether I'm a being that is not human? How rude is that?” Meta questioned back, though he quickly shifted his attention from the Grim Reaper and toward the mob of ravenous civilians charging toward them. Before he could say anything else, some of the other heroes immediately leaped into action and started to disable the civilians. Futile, since there were hundreds if not thousands of them. The heroes needed to get to higher ground like a roof, whether the civilians would not be able to use overwhelming tactics and where the group would be able to talk without having to punch a baby every three seconds. Before Meta could say this however, some bright hero decided to smash the ground. This caused Meta to lose his balance and face-plant the ground, which was shortly followed swearing as he got back up.

“Don't do stuff like that!” Meta shouted to whoever had created the shock wave. “It makes some us, I don't want to name names, a bit dizzy. May not be entirely adjusted to the concept of walking. Just saying. Also, I vote we get on a roof or something. Just saying.”
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