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Doesn't touch the ground with males (video is cropped). Haven't checked females yet.

Edit (6/6/10): I don't think I'm going to make any more ME models right now (unless someone has a burning desire for something I haven't made yet and can convince me I want to make it). What I need before I wrap this up is some input from you guys. First, do you want me to release the Widow on its own as a replacement the way I have it set up now? If not, what my plan is is to take these three weapons and put them in-game legitimately.

What I need is some input on where to place them and what stats to give them (for KotOR1 and TSL). If I don't get any input I'll have to figure it out myself, and at that point there'll be more of a chance that it'll conflict with your guys' favorite mods since I probably don't use them and am not familiar with them. So leave your two cents. Thanks.

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