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"Sir we're under attack!"

Zeron didn't have to look far to see that. He and a small group of henchmen had gone out to obeserve the heroes and possibly kill a few of them when suddenly the civillians had gone beserk.

Now...stuck at the top of a two story building Zeron and his men were holding their own. They had the only path to the top of the building covered and Zeron was paying no attention to the civilians. He was watching Shade through the scope of a sniper rifle.

Hold still...

Shade looked up in confusion when she heard the sound of gunfire and saw a massive armored figure targeting her with a rifle.


Shade began to move out of the way just as Zeron took his shot. Shade heard a sharp crack echo through the air and then felt a sharp surge of pain go through her leg just as a few of the civilians turned their attention to her.
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