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Picked up Just Cause 2 the other day. Blowie up woo

As well as Sleep is Death, which I will play with Darathy as soon as he responds to me in some manner vaguely recognizable as communication. CURSE YOU DARATHY. Totally psyched about it though. If anyone else has, or even somewhat wants to play... message me.

Cousin weddingness on Sunday, which is a relative good. Good, insofar as I like seeing people happy; bad, insofar as I had to give up going out on the town tonight with my buddies who tempted me with many temptations (I will not list these). However, part of these things is my that my friend is now permanently back from university, which is a good thing. Even so, his heckling is offensive. So it is probably just a 70% good thing until I crush his larynx.

Also got even more Transmetropolian collections. Only missing #8 now... its time will come.

Awesome video:

Last good thing... getting to pick my scheduled hours now that I am a supervisor. SWEET DEAL. It is unpossible to marginalize this, having previously worked until ~2-11pm. 7-3 here I come, baby.

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