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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Appalling enough to have two of their games in the top ten on PC Gamer's list of top 100 PC games of all time!
I don't judge the quality of a product based on how many awards it gets. Also, that is probably one of the poorest top 100 lists I've had the displeasure of reading.

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Also, we get that you hate Bethesda, but don't make up things about their games please.
So, I'm making things up yet you admit there are plenty, plenty of youtube videos. Lets not forget the pages and pages of issues on forums asking, I dunno, why NPCs disappear out of nowhere, especially plot relevant npcs. How about the plenty of examples of falling through the map, vats crashing the game, the rail way gun crashing the game, ragdolls freaking out and crashing the game/lagging the game, broken quests, room doors breaking and locking you in, freezing, npcs walking through walls and getting stuck, etc.

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