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Originally Posted by jedispy View Post
I'd have loved to see Vader and Kenobi doing flips and stuff. Don't give me that "but they were old" stuff either. We now know that Kenobi was in his late 50s, and Anakin/Vader was in his 40s. That's not that old. Add in the Force component and they ought to be able to do some cool stuff. Let us also not forget to mention that Darth Vader had cybernetic implants. Look at the 6 million dollar man, or the bionic woman. Vader should have been able to crazy awesome stunts even without the Force.

Look at Yoda. He was 800+ years old by the time of EP2 & EP3. He was doing crazy mad moves guided by the Force. Look at Darth Sidious in EP3. When dueling Mace Windu he was doing cool acrobatic moves too. I'd figure he's no younger than the 50 age mark. Nope, I refuse to even acknowledge the whole "old fellas" concept.

Again I'm not referring to the original footage or EP4. I'm saying Lucasfilm should have rendered new CG content showing a more spectacular duel. Sure keep some of the original footage, but add in all new stuff and make it hella awesome.

I guess we'll have to wait for the next time GL releases the SW anthology.
I disagree, the duel was stuck in the minds of people forever who saw it when it was originally in theaters and they would get just as upset as the replacing of old Anakin with young Anakin in ROTJ or re-dubbing Boba Fett's voice.

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