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“Practical?!” Meta replied as he smashed in the face of a particularly ugly looking human with the butt of his rifle. Or at least what he considered to be ugly. Meta spent a lot of time on human-dominated worlds, though he hadn't quite developed a full idea about beauty in their terms. “Practical is buying two sets of batteries in case you lose one of them or they don't work or when you find something that needs two sets. Practical is NOT trying to rock the boat. Don't rock the boat. It's bad and I get seasick easily.”

Amidst the chaos as the heroes swatted the horde of flies that were the civilians, Meta suddenly heard gunshots. Well, not heard, but perceived them in his own little way of hearing. He turned to look and saw a group of men on a rooftop, apparently defending themselves from the human horde without a regard to casualties. Meta might have opened fire as well, though he had no proof that these civilians weren't being mind controlled and opening fire on them would not be a good first impression. He noted that one of them was not concerned with the horde however, and was sighting in on the group. It could have been to just see who was in the group, but that was quickly nullified when he heard the crack of a sniper rifle.

The sound of flesh being punctured brought Meta's attention to the woman who had just been saved from a dying jet. He rushed over to help her immediately, taking the liberty of knocking a few heads together on the way. Meta always loved getting into brawls with humans, though he always had to pull his punches or he'd crack their skulls open. As soon as he reached the woman, he took less than a second to examine the wound. This was partially because it was a gunshot wound from a sniper rifle and there was not much to examine. If it was a high-powered rifle like a 50 cal, then it would have ripped her leg in half. In this case, the leg was merely punctured in the calf and would heal nicely over time, if given the proper attention. The brown cloth wrapping around his face and neck would do fine in bandaging the wound for the moment. He took it off, revealing his silvery skin of a face with enigmatic runes engraved in every spot, with no real facial features such as eyes or a mouth. The leg was bandaged quickly, and the civilians were shrugged off easily. The sniper was still out there though and Meta was in the mood to play.

“Sorry to do this lady, but I don't think you're fit to party.” Meta apologized as he scoped her up and made a break for one of the now-empty buildings, hoping to be able to reach the rooftop before the sniper could reload and hone in on his target again.
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