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Well well looks like Dak has another WIP and this one isn't a boring 'ol head.
I present: Mandalorian Wars Jedi Robes!

Thanks to VarsityPuppet's new findings (seriously, everybody thank VP!), we can now make neat little things with robes. As the title suggests, I am bringing in robes from the mandalorian wars era (what I think they would look like, at least). This includes 1. Jedi General Robe, 2. Jedi Knight Robe, and 3. What I am calling a Jedi Weapon Master Robe.

Since I have to replace 2 models for this mod, can I please have some suggestions (again)? Also I am planning on having several (at least 3) different skin variations for each new model. I hope you guys like what you see!

1/3 models complete (originally had 2, but one was very f'd up in-game)
Show spoiler

The Jedi Knight robes will be the robe with the Republic soldier model (I may include my camo skins with these) and the weapon master model will use a heavy armor of some sort. Hope you all like!!

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