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Characters and vehicles

Hi everybody,altough this game is old,I still know to enter and mess around with NPC's and similar stuff,this game is just fun,you can never exhaust the possibilities :P.

BUT,in Jedi Academy(which i stopped playing,JK II is somehow better for me),i had no problem importing and spawning characters,vehicles or similar,which i downloaded from LucasFiles.I also downloaded,for example,Darth Vader character,and put him in the GameData/base folder.The name of the file is cheshire_arco_vader.pk3.In the readme it doesn't say how to spawn him,whatever I try it is useless.So if anyone knows how to do this(if he had the Vader character),plz tell me.Also,can i install Jedi Academy and move all the Singleplayer maps into Jedi Academy?

Thanks in forward
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