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Originally Posted by Darth Crados View Post
First of all, this is a GREAT mod, definetly one of the best ever in KOTOR story. The dialogue is perfect and the story fits very well in the original storyline.
I have a problem though.
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I installed everything fine, no errors... I just don't know what's wrong.
Same thing happens to me. But in several other instances in this mod as well.

Originally Posted by SheBear View Post
I have run into a problem with this mod. Gameplay wise not technical. I in the part of Solomon's Revenge where
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Problem is I cannot defeat her. I run over to the weapons container and take the weapons and equip the double bladed sword, and then run over to the backpack and take the stims and armband. I use the shield and then try and fight Telana, but I still die too easily. How am I supposed to win this fight?
If you have exhausted all options use the invincibility cheat.

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