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"And I'm guessing you're Zeron. As much as I hate to say it I can tell you're not responsible for what's going on here. I'm not one for asking for help but right now we could use it."

Zeron simply stared at the hero as he considered the proposed alliance between himself and the heroes.

"No." He said in a booming voice and he brought back his rifle and prepared to crack it over the head of the hero who had the nerve to ask him for help.

Don't worry, soon the fun will begin

Zeron looked up in suprise at the sound of the voice that echoed through his head even as he rethought the idea of working with the heroes.

Is it possible that whatever is controlling the civilians is telepathic? If so, that makes it a very dangerous opponet. Perhaps a temperary alliance could prove benificial.

He looked down at the armed men who were taking aim at the assembled heroes down below.

"Henchmen! To me!" He roared as he turned back toward the hero. "On second thought...yes. Whatever is controlling these people is powerful if it can control an entire city."
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