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Dream scoffed at the news. As she heard Jeff talk she nodded because she knew perfectly well what Orwell meant. She looked at Akira and her reaction. She just listened to her companions talk about it and even Akira asking Jeff what he thought about the whole TLC job they were doing.

"It is too apparent for everyone with a braincell that the government is trying and so far succeeding in creating a population full of ignorants. The more ignorant someone is, the easier they are to control. I'm sure everyone on this table has noticed this, with the passing of time, every generation has less knowledge even though the doors to knowledge are even more open than ever, they still restrict it and even in some cases, the same education system just takes things out of the learning programs and just teach us things that are pretty basic. I mean, just talk to your grandparents and you'll see what I mean. What they got taught in high school, was much more than what we're being taught, even our parents had a much larger education than the one we're getting now. It's totally borked", Dream said and realized she may have spoken too much but she knew the people around her weren't the average txt speakers, the ignorants that she hated, no, these people irradiated something else entirely, something she could identify with.

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