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While I do like the idea of the Admiral thing, I don't think there were many jedi admirals running around on the battlefield, ya know? Maybe (most likely ) another project for another time. Anyhow, a little update. I finished my 2nd model, what I will probably call my jedi knight battle robe or something (if someone has a better idea feel free to pitch in). It's the Republic armor with a robe as you will see in the screens. I have two skins done with this one, in the first I enhanced the original Republic armor with better colors and also added the Jedi Council logo onto the chest. The second one I just had to do - it just SCREAMS "battle of Dxun" to me. I used one of my camo skins from my other mod and also put the logo on the chest. Enjoy!

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Edit: VP, just saw your edit. Thanks, but I think I'd rather re-do the UVmap myself just for extra practice. Thank you though.

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