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Curious bug i've experienced on a fresh kotor install on a new game. Every part of the mod has worked flawlessly up to the endgame just after sparing atris and heading to the citadel. All the cutscenes show, and then i appear on telos surface inside the military base infront of the HK Factory instance. I assume this is the start of the hk-factory quest, except that i'm not hk, and i can't open the door. There are also 3 HK-50's in the hanger command center you can talk to, which will send you back to the polar region, cutscenes and all.

A suggestion on fixing this or just using a cheat to continue things along would be helpful. Only other mod i'm using is USM (with its associated loot-table update) and the compatibility patch (also using the 1.5 fix). And a nar shadaa background, which i doubt contains the files necessary to interfere with..anything. Again, it has worked flawlessly up to this point, so this has caught me by surprise.

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