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Kyle Katarn's Lightsabers:
Green saber: Kyle got this from Rahn, who gave it to Morgan Katarn to pass on to his son. Morgan hid the weapon in the droid Weegee, who also had the ability to decode Morgan's secret message.
Yellow/Orange saber: "He is a jedi. He deserves a battle." These were the last words of Yun. Since Boc had destroyed the green saber, Kyle was forced to use Yun's blade which is yellow. The blade was used til' after Mara brought Kyle back to the Light Side. I think the creators of MOTS did something wrong because the blade is orange and Mara's is purple which really is supposed to be blue. It was Anakin's lightsaber originally but it kept getting passed on. Kyle, who was afraid of turning to the Dark Side, gave up the yellow blade and became a smuggler.
Blue saber: This weapon was forged after Kyle decided to become a jedi once again. It served him for the rest of his life. (Not that he died anyway)

Overall, I think the blue blade is the best because it was truely his. He created it and that made it better. Just like Luke's green saber. Luke felt his saber was better for him than his father's.
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