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Hello. I am a veteran KOTOR player who has recently returned to this wonderful, half finished game, and has been greatly enjoying the restorations of DarthStoney and his team. As part of a roleplay challenge, one of my intended goal's in game is to stabilize Telos (which effectively means to qualify for the 2000 credit reward from G0-T0). Does this mod offer any capability to do this? Obviously, helping Vogga will not do any favours, and the Bith outside Vogga's chambers speaking of alternate fuel sources might have something, but as he disappears after the Yacht and my current playthrough is at Dxun/Onderon as my third planet (with an earlier backup save at the end of the Telos military base), so it will take some sacrifices to investigate? The Exile sided with Czerka and killed Slusk, though I am not sure if this will effect the possibility of Telosian stability (or whether anything can be done with the Onderonian Beastriders in regards to animal shipments that might aid this).

Also, the subplot with the HK Factory has not developed much for me. I seem to be able to get 1000 XP everytime the Exile talks to HK about the sonic sensor and using it to track the new HK's, and although my journal states I have fought three groups, none of HK's dialogue options seem to yield any information about this new development. And in a minor bug, it is possible for G0-T0 to come with the player in the "Dance for Vogga" quest, though otherwise his refusing to enter Vogga's chambers works just fine.

Jorran, the salvager on Dantooine, also seems to be bugged, though I am unsure whether TSLRCM or any other mod has something to do with this. I let him leave upon demanding to talk about his supposed moisture vaporator theft (but after talking with Kaevee), and when talking to him in the salvagers camp, it switches to a camera view of the ruined Enclave's exterior and offers me the same dialogue options as I had when he was behind the door, though I was still able to complete the quest and get Suulru to join the militia.

I'm not sure if this was a deliberate decision on the part of the developers, but I believe reading on the TSLRP site that the initial Ravager cutscene was initially intended as an in-game scene, and a patch was available for download for it. Since I noticed zbyl2 commenting that the TSLRP fixes were included, I thought I'd bring it up, though at least it's in higher quality due to the HD cutscenes patch on FileFront.

Apologies if this is off topic, but an annoying bug that I have heard is related to video memory, but seems unlikely (while I am running max settings at my native 4:3 1280x1024 resolution, I have a GTX 470 with 4059 MB memory), and that I have noticed on both games, modded and vanilla, is that after a while, dialogue starts to skip, as well as there being a loss of sound during cutscenes. It can occur mid conversation with a single person, and seems slightly more common when loading new modules, especially cutscene-only ones like Tobin's ship. Is there any known cause or solution to this?

I would ask elsewhere, but it seems there's some GoDaddy related issue with the Deadly Stream forums.

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