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For some unknown reason (I have no other mods that alter the content of Onderon), Onderon (though not Dxun) is highly unstable (no pun intended). It crashes every 10-20 minutes from my saves. My party consists of Mandalore and G0-T0, and the times when it crash seem to be somewhat random (though the problem seems to have started with a persistant crash after the end of the conversation exonerating Dhagon Ghent, upon loading the Western Square again), popping up around the Western Square and Iziz Cantina in particular. The cutscene of landing on Onderon was also inaudible half the time (I am using the HD cutscene patch and very laggy (in contrast to every other cutscene in the game).

There was also an odd thing I experienced, not sure if it's a bug, whereby Ponlar's second conversation could be triggered without going away from the Merchant Quarter and returning. I only experienced it once, so it may just be a random dialogue flag error (or related to the Handmaiden Choice for Females mod or ABCoLD's Skip Peragus, like the baffling error with the Peragus Maintenance Officer and Harbinger Medical logs not saying anything and spawning Jana Lorso nearby while playing the communications console sound from Telos with the Jana Lorso Czerka Uniform mod).

I am running KOTOR II in a secondary drive under Program Files as an administrator and in Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium's Compatibility Mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3, if it helps. My graphics options under swkotor2.ini are as follows:
[Graphics Options]
Frame Buffer=1
Soft Shadows=1
Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1
Texture Quality=2
Anti Aliasing=8

I had experienced crashing before, but that was only after playing the game for a very long time (at least 5 hours straight) or after repeatedly reloading old files.

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