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Hello everyone. First time

Just to comment several things.

A female starkiller? I think too many people wants to play Mara Jade! lol. I think this character is good precisely because it has story, background. This is not a role playing game, nor KOTOR, it is raw, brute force unleashed, that is what makes the game appealing.

I agree with the custom NOT been game affecting. That would hinder the use of some of them. I also agree the customs need to have less belts...

Lighsaber colors...I do love gold one actually. It is just more spice. Use whatever suits you. I hope this new one has more options, double blade, two handed, etc... The ninja swordmanship style look is cool, but in the end, one gets tired of seen a lightsaber been used like a ninja-to.

Mace Windu´s death is not glorius, nor in the film, neither in the game. But at least is a better death than the one the other jedi masters get in the film when facing the emperor, three of them killed in just two seconds and two lightsaber swings... awful. They seemed minions instead of jedi masters...

In game terms they should improve lightsaber fighting and the end, most of the enemies are killed in the same way: Force grasp, then lightning grenade, and throw the unfortunate against a wall, or some several other unfortunates....

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